Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mix – Do they make Good pets?

A Blue Heeler Jack Russell Terrier Mix is a cross breed between the Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian cattle dog, and the Jack Russell Terrier.

From my personal experience of having this mixed breed, I can say this dog possesses similar qualities as its parents. I live in hills and there is always ample space for the dog to run around. It simply loves the outdoors.

The Ultimate Guide Before Getting Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mix Puppy

The Blue Heeler Jack Russell Terrier Mix is an extremely intelligent, lively, and strong dog, sharing the features of both its parents. It is loyal, territorial, protective of the family and suspicious of outsiders and strangers.

his mix is easy to train but unfriendly towards strangers, other pets and senior citizens. However, many characteristics of the Blue Terrier/Jack Russell have not been studied and documented on a wider scale. N

evertheless, we have vital information about both their parents which will help us better understand this breed.

I am intrigued by this dog which is only one year old now, and I am always looking to know more about it.

Experts are of the opinion that while a mixed-breed dog has a more varied genetic makeup compared to a purebred dog, a few characteristics such as the size, appearance, and temperament of the mixed-breed dogs can be readily predicted depending on the parent breed.

After all, mixed breeds are merely combinations of diverse breeds and they must exhibit the traits of either parents. So, if the ancestry of a particular mix dog is known we can predict its nature, appearance and behaviour.

Major Characteristics of Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix

While the individual characteristics of both the Blue Heeler and the Jack Russel are quite well observed, understood and stated, those of their mix are not that widely observed and documented.

But there is ample information that helps predict the nature, temperament and behavior of Blue Heeler Jack Russel mix breed.

For all of you who are interested in Blue Terrier and Jack Russel mix, there is vital information about their parent dogs. There are some characteristics that are common in both Blue Terrier and Jack Russel.

Those characteristics and traits must be inherited by the mix breed as well. Similarly, there are certain characteristics that are not very similar, however, they are neither too dissimilar, meaning there is a chance those traits can also be seen in the mix dogs.

Common Features of Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix

Apart from being very active both the Blue Heeler and the Jack Russell Terrier are known for their compact builds. A cross between the two would likely exhibit these traits.

However, they differ in sizes and weight. The Blue Heeler might reach 19 inches at the shoulder and weigh more than 45 pounds while the Jack Russell terrier is capable of reaching 12 inches in height and might weigh up to 15 pounds.

Therefore, the weight and height of the Blue Heeler and the Jack Russell Terrier mix cannot be predicted with certainty.


Behavioral characteristics of Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix

If the next dog that you want to bring in is a Blue Heeler and the Jack Russell Terrier mix, here is further information that will definitely help your decision making.

The mix is  very easy to groom because both the Jack Russel and Blue Heeler are effortless to groom as well. Temperament wise both are active, alert, courageous, cheerful and independent. Same is the case with their mix breed. Both of them are very easy to train and both of them are highly playful breed.

Both Jack Russel and Blue Healers are good watchdogs and extremely protective and territorial.

Both of these breeds have a very low chance of biting someone, but both have a strong tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or run after people.

Blue Heeler Jack Russel mix must be apartment unfriendly because both their parent breeds share that characteristic, they like wandering and may even try to escape and run away from home. Also, both of them have a high tendency to chase and catch other animals except other dogs.

However, quite interestingly, they are both very adaptive of different environments. Both these dogs are not known for combatting or fighting.

Both Blue Heeler and Russel Terrier are kid-friendly, Blue Heeler is not stranger-friendly and both of them are not cat-friendly or dog-friendly. Similarly, both of them do not get on really well with other pets.

Moreover, they are both very unfriendly towards senior citizens. Both of them are perhaps the worst dogs for office environment. All the characteristics that we stated above must be inherited by the mix breed because they are shown by both the parents.

Age and life expectancy of Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix

Furthermore, a mix breed of the Blue Heelers and Jack Russel are not good for inexperienced or first-time owners due to their habitual stubbornness because both their parents share the same characteristics.

Similarly, they are not used as service dogs, nor are they detection dogs, neither are they used as therapy dogs. They are not used as rescue dogs. The life expectancy for both is almost similar, from 12-16 years.

Also, both of these are very high energy dogs, need a lot of exercise but do not need a lot of sleep. They both enjoy similar weather conditions.

Qualities that Jack Russel Terrier Blue Heeler Mix may possess

Here I will share information about characteristics of Jack Russel Terrier and Blue Heelers which are not the same. This information is vital because those characteristics may or may not show in the mix breed. Jack Russel Terriers are heavy shedder while Blue Heelers shed moderately.

Similarly, Jack Russel have average intelligence while Blue Heeler is highly intelligent. Jack Russell Terriers have an average emotional level while Blue Heelers are a bit more sensitive.

Jack Russell Terriers are very loyal and gentle toward their handles while Blue Heelers may at times appear bit unfriendly because of their independence.

Jack Russel’s need for social interaction is average while Blue Terriers are almost antisocial. Blue Heelers rarely bark while Jack Russel is very vocal.

Left alone, Jack Russel will be quite impatient and become vocal, however, Blue Heeler will handle time alone very well. Blue Heelers are very healthy dogs while Jack Russel may have certain issues sometimes and a regular check with the vet is recommended.


What their Owners have to say about Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix?

People who have experience of having the Jack Russel and Blue Heeler mix dog share their experiences. On person defines the breed as an absolute lunatic. He says the dog is adorable and looks like a fox and has a bushy little tail.

It keeps running around non-stop, sprinting from one end of the farm to the other, and chasing every rabbit on the field. This owner believes that if the dog was not living in a farm or any other open space it would really be miserable.

A lady who brought the Jack Russel and Blue Heeler mix breed from a shelter when it was 2 years old says the dog is 10 now and has been a mellow and super sweet. Unlike the one we talked about above, this one will not run around or fetch, unless it’s a rabbit or mole. Also, he is not very hyper but definitely food motivated.

He sticks to the owner like glue and insists on sleeping under her side of the bed or under her footrest.

The dog enjoys going on long walks and always stays with the owner, never taking off after an animal. Moreover, the lady says this mix breed is very friendly with her son as well.

KB Miller, who is a Cattle Dog owner has his say regarding the mix breed. He thinks this could be a double-edged sword as both the Blue Heeler and the Jack Russel are notorious for their hyper active behaviour.

He says whether it would be unwise for first time dog keepers to have either of the two or their mix breed, they can groom to behave. They can be friendly to kids if they are made familiar with the presence of kids from an earlier age.

Deciding to have a Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix

From my personal experience, and depending on expert opinion as well as experiences of people, it can be safely said the Blue Heeler and Jack Russel Terrier mix dog would be a bold and energetic dog that may not go well with other pets.

It is recommended to first create the space for it and then bring the dog in as it will feel uneasy in congested environment. It might not like strangers or senior citizens, however, it can be trained to be friendly with kids who are regularly seen around in the house. Again it is important to note that they are brought in at a very young age.

Moreover, they can be highly playful breed and may show average to very high level of emotional sensitivity. Their size and weight may also vary.  This mix breed would genuinely be loyal, loving and affectionate towards its handler.

Buying the Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix

If available, you can buy the mix breed for anything ranging from $500 to $1000. You can find the dog near you, in local pet markets, rescue centers or from individual sellers. You can also find pet dogs online, on forums such as the Gumtree, Facebook Market, Craigslist and similar places.

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